Hi ppl

I found this forum on google i was searching on google for Reverse Engineering and i found a Thread in Tut section i just wanna ask if some re Crack or how to Crack these kind of software its a Chat messnger (Paltalk).

There is only one Crack Crack This software and he is from Vietnam

here is crack

he attach with this crack a hardware id system after installing this software the user must provide the serial and cracker will give a key after user is abel to run software

there is a beta verision from paltalk last 4 days out and crack also crack it
and make a multi paltalk
multi paltalk used to open multipal nick names is same chat room
New Crack <<< http://dl.dropbox.com/u/42016543/Paltalk Build 483 Multiple.exe

Orignal version<< http://download.paltalk.com/download..._de_r17730.exe

i just wanna know how to crack this software or some one teach please

if i post in wrong section plz push it to right section